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Our Nail Services

Bespoke Nail Salon is regarded as an outstanding place for nail services in Dubai. The best salons for acrylic nails in Dubai


Revitalize your hands and feet with our classic or essential mani-pedi. Enjoy the pampering touch of acrylic nails in Dubai, like natural products enriched with botanical extracts and minerals for added shine and moisture. Explore acrylic nails Dubai, discover gelish manicures near you, and embrace nail extensions in Dubai for a complete nail makeover.


Great for strong, flexible, and natural-looking nail extensions in Dubai. Great for helping and strengthening weak nails to become strong and long.


Explore the convenience of a Gelish manicure near you. Gel polish is applied like a normal polish (base coat, color coat, and top coat) but cured under UV. It holds up to 3 weeks of high-shine gloss. Experience top-notch services gelish manicure near Dubai.

Discover the latest nail colors, treatments, and trends at Bespoke. Our nail technicians will shape your nails to suit your personality.

Get Jelly Pedicuer for a smooth and glowing skin
Jelly Pedicure is a foot spa pedicure treatment that uses a jelly made from natural extracts and essential oils.
Get attractive Menicure and pedicure treatment
Our experts do perfect curations of your hands and feet nails . We got best offers for mani-pedi in Dubai
Acrylic Nail Extension Salon

Using a mixture of liquid monomer and powder polymer get acrylic nails dubai. Strong and durable nail enhancements, refill and removal all the processes are painless

Gel Nail Extension salon in Dubai
Gel nails tend to provide a more glossy and looks natural. Faster curing time
Visit beauty salon for professional Menicure
A rejuvenating spa-like treatment that will nourish and revive your hands and feet while addressing free radicals, sun damage, and hydration..
Whitening Menicure and Pedicure
Hands and nails are repaired and restored with this therapeutic treatment. Hand and arm exfoliation and massage, including file, buff, cuticle work, and a deeply relaxing exfoliation. Finish with polish to make the hands truly beautiful.

Basic Nail Services

*Rates are subject to change
Classic Manicure
AED 84 62
Classic Pedicure
AED 94 66
French Manicure
AED 94 62
Polish change
AED 105 68
French Polish
AED 52 42
File and French
AED 63 50
Cut & File
AED 31
Jelly Pedicure
AED 200 89
Whitening Manicure & Pedicure
AED 300 129

Gelish Nail Services

*Rates are subject to change
Gelish Manicure
AED 157 94
Gelish Pedicure
AED 178 103
Gelish French Manicure
AED 168 103
Gelish French Pedicure
AED 189 113
Gelish on Top
AED 94 67
Gelish on Top French
AED 105 68

Basic Nail Services

*Rates are subject to change
Weekly Buff
AED 231 150
Nail Repair
AED 315 189
Nail Extension Refill (Ombre)
AED 315 205
Nail Extension Refill
AED 262 174
Ombre Nail Extension
AED 525 315
Ombre Gelish on Top
AED 105 70
Natural Full Set
AED 420 299

Gelish Nail Services

*Rates are subject to change
Paraffin Manicure
AED 179 110
Paraffin Pedicure
AED 189 120
Paraffin Dip
AED 105 55
Callus Removal
AED 94 62
Callus Pedicure
AED 199 130
Foot Scrub
AED 84 52

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